Meghalaya Govt committed toward peace talks with HNLC: Ampareen

SHILLONG, JAN 8: MDA government spokesperson and cabinet minister Ampareen Lyngdoh on Monday said the government is committed towards the peace talks with the banned National Liberation Council (HNLC).


Speaking to reporters, Lyngdoh said, “As a government, we are committed towards the progression of peace talks with this particular banned outfit and we would like to see that there should be an amicable understanding for long term peace.”


She said that the National People’s Party also remains dedicated to advise its government to go ahead with the very crucial peace talks.


“We understand that there have been certain displeasures and misunderstandings which all yet have to be verified and we will wait for the home minister to return to office very shortly and he will surely be able to give you better insight,” Lyngdoh said.


“I will not be able to disclose much on this matter because I am yet to be advised accordingly however at this point of time this should be sufficient to explain the stand of the supporters of the NPP on one side and the government of the MDA 2.0 in the leadership of our chief minister,” she added.


The five core demands of the HNLC include lifting of the ban against the outfit and withdrawing of all cases by granting general amnesty to its leaders and cadres.

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