Meghalaya Govt failed to provide required number of health infrastructure to its citizens observes CAG


There is an overall shortage of 536 sub centres, 113 primary health centres and 8 community health centres across the eleven districts of the state.

According to the CAG report, the shortfall of SCs, PHCs and CHCs indicated that the state government has failed to provide the required number of health infrastructure to its citizens, thereby denying universal accessibility of health facilities.

Further, even the only test-checked CHC at Mawiong was found to be not well equipped to handle emergencies, since services like OT, ICU, BSU/Blood bank and equipment like X-ray, USG were not available, it said.

Besides, there was only one doctor available in the CHC during the period 2014-19.

During exit conference in July last year, the Commissioner & Secretary assured that shortfall will be looked into and necessary steps to increase the number of health centres, wherever required, proportionate to the population and geographical region, would be taken.

The fact, however, remains that one of the important factors for shortage of DHs, CHCs, PHCs and SCs in the state is an insufficient capital expenditure (9.2 percent) by the Health & Family Welfare Department, the CAG pointed.

It further stated that the shortage of DHs, CHCs, PHCs and SCs was also one of the factors responsible for the shortfall in achievement of targets such as antenatal care, institutional deliveries, etc.

Meanwhile, the CAG has recommended the state government to ensure the setting up of an adequate number of SCs, PHCs and CHCs so that universal accessibility of healthcare is provided to all sections of society.