Meghalaya Govt issues stern warning to proxy Government LP school teachers

Education Minister Rakkam A Sangma while expressing concern over the of proxy teachers in many government lower primary schools, on Wednesday issued a stern warning to proxy teachers in the state and asked them to take Voluntary Retirement Scheme (VRS) if they are not interested in the teaching job.



Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Sangma said he heard that in many government lower primary schools, appointment of proxy teachers is happening, whereby teachers appointed by the government illegally appoints another person to work in her/his place for some consideration.


“We will not allow all this to happen. We will make sure our officers inspect and visit the insitutions and we will make sure that every teacher (is doing their) job because if you neglect to go to your duties, you are destroying the future of the children of your community,” he said.


“Therefore, I would like to request the teachers across the state let us shoulder this responsibility by giving the best education to our children. After all the future of Meghalaya is not going to decide by anything else, the future of our state will be decided on the scenario of our education sector. If you give quality education, quality individuals we will produced. We will make sure all things should not continue and every teacher must shoulder the sense of responsibility and sense of belonging in serving the people of the state,” Sangma added.


Asked, the education minister said, “With regards to the proxy teachers, if the department receive any complaint with substantiated evidence I think the government will take necessary steps.”


He also asked the teachers, who are indulging in such practices, to quit and take VRS.


“I would request maybe some teachers who lost interest in teacher I think it is better to quit and to take VRS. I would request if any teachers lost interest in serving and teaching in school, I would request you that it is better to quit or take VRS and you go in the area you are gifted and where your talent is there. This is my request,” he said.


According to him, appointment of proxy teachers is happening maybe in every district of the state.


The minister said that he would soon convene a meeting to discuss this issue and requested the deputy commissioners and district officers of the department to ensure every teacher should go to school with full responsibility vested upon them.


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