Meghalaya Govt ready to talk with HNLC within prescribed norms laid down by HNLC: CM

SHILLONG, FEB 9: Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma Friday said that the state government is ready to talk with the proscribed Hynniewtrep National Liberation Council (HNLC) within the prescribed norms laid down by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA).


Speaking to reporters, Sangma said that he will not be able to comment on a statement of the HNLC without seeing the official writing.


“But I reiterate that we are open and we would ask them to reconsider this time, we also want long-term peace and so that we would reiterate that they should come to the talks again but as I said regarding their talks or that invitation or whatever you called it I have not seen anything in writing,” he said.


Asked, the CM said the government has maintained again and again that there are certain provisions and guidelines which the MHA has prescribed which is being followed for all organizations with which the government of India is in talks with.


“So it will be followed on the basis of those guidelines, we cannot deviate from that because that is what is being prescribed for all the talks and hence if they start changing that for one or two organizations, then they have to change it for all. So within the prescribed norms of MHA we are ready to talk,” he said.


Sangma said that there have been decisions taken in the past where cases are being dropped.


“But as I said whether it will be done in the future or not depends on case to case basis but if you don’t start the process then we will never reach that point,” he added.

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