Meghalaya Govt. spent Rs 399 crores on Covid Management; centre supports only Rs 48 crores


Meghalaya Government spend around Rs 399 crores from March till September this year as part of the Covid 19 expenditure, admitting that the state is under financial constraints, Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong said, “The total expenditure which is needed to meet different expenditures in fighting the COVID 19 comes to Rs 399 crores.”

Stating that the centre has paid only Rs 48 crore to the state as part of Covid support, the deputy CM said the state Government will submit an audit report on the expenditure.

“We receive Rs 48 c​​rores till today from the Government of India,” the Deputy Chief Minister said adding, “This expenditure of us will be reflected in the Annual report of CAG, it will be subjected to auditing and it will also be reflected in annual CAG report.”


Giving details of expenditure Tynsong said, “Under National Health Mission (NHM) an amount spent is Rs 188.9 crores is spent on Corona centres, procurements of PPEs, ambulance, lab and surveillance,.”

He further added, “Under DHS, an amount of Rs 82.4 crores is spent on procurements of machines we call Bpad machines, Oxygen cylinders, BP monitor, viral transport media​​, Digital body infrared thermometer, ventilators, ply mask, surgical gloves, thermal scanners.“

Under CMSG, Chief Minister’s Special Grant, Prestone said Rs 14.7 crores is spent on the payment to standard citizens, transportation of standard citizens and also provision of kits.”

“Under CMRF Chief Minister’s Relief Fund an amount of Rs 7.4 crore  is spent​​ on procurement of ambulances, biomedical waste vans, community quarantine centres,“ the DY CM said.

The Minister further said, “From labour department, Chief Minister’s Relief against Wage loss, where the state Government provided Relief in the form of financial assistance to about almost 2 lakh people and also to those organized building and construction workers we extended financial help and this has come to Rs 51 crores.”

“From SRWP or we call it MLA scheme through MLA scheme advance sanction was released at the rate of Rs 25 lakhs per MLAs to extend financial assistance to the respective constituencies comes to Rs 15 crores, “ he added.

Tynsong also clarified that from the PM cares; the state receives facilities like accommodation facilities, food arrangements, medical treatments and transportation arrangements for migrant labourers for which the amount came to Rs 3.5 crore. “

He also said, ”An amount of Rs 8.9 crores is spent Under DMF , District Mineral Firm like Relief Camps, screening points, District quarantine centres.”

“From SDRF fund creation of additional testing laboratories consumable and testing kits​,​ PPE, thermal scanners, storage plan in hospitals, setting up of containment zones in the entire state comes to 23.7 crores,” the Deputy Chief Minister said.

Under Urban Affairs Departments, sanitization work in different places and localities within urban areas we spend 3.5 crore. The total amount comes to 399 crores, out of this Rs 251 crores till date, the state Government has cleared the different bills.

The deputy chief minister, however, said apart from the entitlement given by the Central government, the state is trying to increase its own revenue generation by opening up wine stores and other economic activities adding more relaxation will also be considered later.