Meghalaya Govt to commission first unit of Ganol Hydro Power project by Dec

Deputy Chief Minister incharge of power, Prestone Tynsong informed that the government would soon commission the first unit of the Ganol Hydro Power project by December this year.

 Right now there are only a few projects that we are going to launch very soon.  One is the Ganol Hydel power project and that also not fully, we have three units but one unit we are going to commission by December.  Right now our focus is in commissioning of the one unit of Ganol Hydel power project,” Tynsong said.


The Ganol Hydro Power project, which has come under the scanner over cost escalation.

 There is a huge cost escalation of the Ganol Hydro Power Project from Rs 356 crore to Rs 507 crore.

The project with a capacity of 21.5 MW is being implemented in Chibragre, around 15 km from Tura. It will be the first hydro power project in the Garo Hills region.

The project has encountered several delays since it was conceived in 2006.


Meanwhile, the Deputy CM incharge of Power said, “In Mawshynrut there is also one more but this is a small hydro project. The intention of the government is again for implementation of stage-II Leshka project. It is a big project. Hopefully we will be able to take it up.”


Another two projects by the private investors also are in the pipeline.



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