Meghalaya Govt to introduce ‘Roster Job Reservation’ in Govt aided Education institutions



Getting a teacher’s job will no longer be easy in the state, as the Meghalaya Government has now  decided to introduce Roster Job Reservation in Government aided schools and colleges throughout the state.

This was informed by Minister Incharge of  Education Rakkam A Sangma.

Talking to Meghalaya News 24, the Education Minister said,  there are over 800 vacancies in higher Education including Government aided colleges and  schools till the university and the state Government prepares to fill up 400 posts in the schools and colleges immediately.

“From now onwards in all the government aided institutions, be it deficit, people’s college, the job reservation roster will apply at the district, the district roster will apply. That means from now onwards all the recruitment in the Government aided institutions reservation roster will apply,” Sangma said.

The Minister informed that the 80 percent combined roster will apply.

“Now if you combine, in the Education Department, in higher education with the schools, colleges till the University, there are about over 800 vacancies, so in colleges and schools we will be recruiting in over 400 posts immediately including Rongjeng and Patharkama degree colleges,” he added.

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