Meghalaya prepares for COVID 19 vaccine, all 11 districts to have Cold chain points to preserve vaccines..

Health Minister AL Hek


Meghalaya News 24 EXCLUSIVE

‘Meghalaya state Covid vaccination preparedness is almost ready,’ this was informed by Health Minister AL Hek, even as the state is gearing up to have cold storage facilities for the vaccine against the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) in all the 11 districts of the state, Hek said in an exclusive interview to Meghalaya News 24.

“We have to be prepared for everything in advance, we need several things like cold chain point for storing vaccination, we have 11 districts, we have to prepare the cold chain points in all the 11 districts, cold chain equipments is necessary, state vaccine store, district vaccine stores are required, we don’t only need central vaccine store but we need to decentralize it to all the districts.”
“That’s why we need district vaccine store, these cold chain equipments are very much necessary before the arrival of the vaccine of the COVID 19. Cold chain points, cold chain equipments it has to be well advanced at the time,” he added.
Further, he mentioned that around 30-35 thousand health care workers in the state will be vaccinated in the first phase. The State Government also involving those drivers from the transport department who ferries COVID positive patients to quarantine centres as high-risk contacts.
“We are targeting at present is 30,000 health workers we are targeting, and we are looking also to 35,000 with there are so many other people like transport department like drivers directly involve, they are high-risk workers because they ferry positive cases from different destination to quarantine centres so they are also part of it. So 30-35 thousand health care workers to be vaccinated in the first phase,” the health minister said.
“The first vaccine will be given to the all the health workers of the state, we have already collected all the datas, the status of the health care workers and also we have to have our preparation, preparation is the routine of immunization and also we have to select the sight and also the vaccinated data wherever we are going to give this vaccination it has to have a proper routine,” Hek said.
Health Minister AL Hek along with Chief Minister Conrad Sangma attended a virtual meeting held by Prime Minister Narendra Modi with the chief ministers of these states and Union territories. Home Minister Amit Shah was also present in the meeting.
The meeting discussed the vaccine distribution strategy and preparedness of the states.
Health Minister Hek said after attending the meeting, “we discussed about Meghalaya state Covid vaccination preparedness, the vaccine might arrive any time any movement now, before it arrives all the state it has to have its preparedness.”

Elaborating further he said, “Without preparation how will you implement, how will you distribute and how will you get the immunization? How the vaccine will reach out to the people?”

To effectively monitor the distribution process, the State Government decided to form a monitoring committee headed by the Chief Secretary to ensure preparedness.