Meghalaya records 44 cases of dengue including one death in just 9 days

Health Minister Ampareen Lyngdoh on Friday informed that the state has recorded 44 cases of dengue and one death caused by the disease  in just nine days.
Speaking to reporters, Lyngdoh said, “The dengue cases that have been indicated in the entire state of Meghalaya is predominantly present in the plaint belt of the Garo Hills region as of today.”
She informed that the 44 cases were detected after 139 fever cases were tested from October 3 till October 12.
“On Thursday, 7 persons were tested of which only two positive cases were indicated. We also lost one soul due to brain haemorrhage caused by dengue,” Lyngdoh said.
Asked, the minister said that deceased was a male patient and was symptomatic as he was suffering from a very high fever.
Stating that the health department is taking steps to contain dengue, she said, “We are able to contain as whoever contacted dengue has been given the correct protocol treatment as required.”

“We are taking necessary steps in fact we are engaging actively with municipal¬† board and with block development officers to ensure necessary combat is immediately roll out,” Lyngdoh said.
She said, “We are procuring some more kits as districts are indicating requirements of additional kits. Therefore, department is already on the job.”
The minister said, “Do not be unnecessarily alarm but as citizens we must remember that we must take necessary precautions. SOPs have already been indicated in the common dengue areas and the only thing is if you have a prolong fever for many days kindly go to the nearest facility it could be a PHC, CHC, sub-divisional hospital or it could be a tertiary care centre like civil hospital in various parts of the state.”
She said that the department does not anticipate that cases will grow. She said, “We are already alerting all districts on the SOPs to be followed including communities, dorbars and municipal boards, BDO officials, medical block officials to immediately swing into action where cases have been indicated.”
According to her, the recommended protocol of treatment is already followed and it has seemed that cases have reduced as of yesterday.

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