Meghalaya sees dip in Covid 19 cases; Govt to go for more relaxation.

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With COVID-19 cases declining in the state, the Government has asked the Chief Secretary to work out further relaxation of coronavirus restrictions.
Addressing media after a review meeting chaired by Chief Minister Conrad Sangma, Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong on Friday said, “We have asked our Chief Secretary to again work out further relaxation of those notification issued from time to time be it transportation, be it the testing or be it any issues relating to the interest of the people in the state.”
The Government again next week will sit to discuss and take a call on the areas where relaxation is necessary.
Amidst the massive COVID 19 vaccination drive and dip in positive cases, the Deputy Chief Minister said the Chief Secretary is asked to come up with his recommendation after studying the present situation in the state.
“The issue is entrusted to the chief secretary and he has to have a detailed consultation, discussion and come back with the recommendation and then we will take a final call,” Tynsong said.
Arguing that there is no decline in the COVID testing in the state, the Deputy Chief Minister said, “In the month of December alone we did the testing beyond fifty thousand, so this month alone we have crossed thirty-five thousand testings which means the testing is in full swing and maybe within no time we will become COVID 19 free state.”
The state Government on Friday held the Corona Virus review meeting after over a month as the COVID 19 positive cases in the state stands at 83.
“We improve a lot as per as positive cases are concern and we have reduced a lot and I am sure within may be few days again we will become zero means we expect we will become COVID 19 free,” Prestone said as the Government hopeful of freeing itself from the clutch of the Coronavirus pandemic.
He, however, advocated that the interstate restriction continues as people are allowed to enter only after testing and those who bring testing certificates while coming from Assam will be allowed.
“The interstate border as per as Meghalaya is concern the restriction is there that why from the entry point we don’t allow people to just come like that without going through the testing, except those people who are already tested outside the state and that also within three days time and those who carry the medical test certificate we exempt it,” he added.