Meghalaya TMC alleges Rs 140 cr land scam

Meghalaya Trinamool Congress on Tuesday exposed yet another alleged land scam by the NPP-led MDA regime in Mawpdang involving financial discrepancies amounting to over ₹140 crores. TMC Legislature Party Leader Dr. Mukul Sangma has called for an immediate probe in the scam demanding accountability from the MDA government for the gross misuse of the state’s resources.

Addressing a press Conference in Shillong, Dr. Sangma said that the Prime Minister has promised corruption Free State and based on the assurance given by him, the Meghalaya TMC is demanding immediate probe.

“He (PM Modi) has already promised all of us there will be zero tolerance against corruption in the country. So based on this assurance we are demanding that there should be an immediate investigation on this land scam,” Dr. Sangma said.

Terming MDA government as Meghalaya Deceitful Alliance, Dr Sangma said the state Government has once again engaged in the modus operandi of looting the state through purchase of around 807 acres of land in Mawkhanu village of Mawpdang.

“The government had the middleman purchase the land, dupe the innocent landowners and villagers at the throwaway price of ₹45 per square feet, and then made a payment of ₹85 per square feet to the middleman,” said Dr. Sangma.

 “The rates were decided by the cabinet on the 4th October, 2021. The Minister-In-Charge for Urban Affairs piloted this proposal and [it was] appropriately approved by the Department of Revenue. All cabinet items are approved by the Chief Minister. Therefore, the documents show that the three persons – the CM, Revenue Minister, and Urban Affairs minister – have entered into a criminal conspiracy to rob the state of such a huge amount of money – Rs 140 crores – which could have been given to the innocent land owners,” Dr. Mukul Sangma added.

Slamming the Conrad Sangma-led MDA government for robbing poor people of their lands, Dr. Mukul Sangma said that the Central government must take cognisance of the matter. “While addressing an election rally, Union Home Minister Amit Shah went hammer and tongs alleging that the state is active in corruption. He referred to Meghalaya as the number one corrupt state in the country. This has defamed the name of the state and its people. Corruption is not our way of life. Our people are not that greedy. I would urge him to take immediate cognisance of this alleged corruption. Let there be immediate investigation into this [massive land scam]” he said.

The leader of opposition in Meghalaya legislative Assembly had earlier written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlighting various alleged corruption and irregularities in the state.  Stating that he has no reason to doubt PM Modi, Dr. Sangma said,  “I have received only the acknowledgement but nothing as far as the action by the concern authorities nor any information but I believe that once a letter is received and acknowledged by the authorities concern under the PMO, it’s the responsibility of the PMO to ensure that there is an investigation. It is not simple that an instance of alleged corruption have been brought to the notice of the Government and none other than the PMO to draw the attention of the PM himself, therefore, he has to take a cognizance that what is expected from the office of the  PM and, therefore, I have no reason to doubt.”

The Leader of Opposition also stated that the Meghalaya Land Scam is only an addition to the increasing instances of graft executed by the NPP-BJP government, including scams such as the Saubhagya Scam, Smart Meter Scam, and Assembly Dome Collapse Scam.

 “The kind of alleged corruption of this scale cannot happen without the patronage of the people in authority…Corruption is more crippling and deadlier than terrorism. There will be no more resources left for development or to create jobs. Through terrorism, people get affected but when you rob the state and cripple its economy, you are robbing every citizen and the future generations,” said Dr. Sangma.

 The Meghalaya TMC leader said that as the main Opposition party and as the only political alternative in the state, it was their duty to expose the corrupt, inept, and incompetent MDA government.

The Leader of Opposition also said that the government was answerable to the people for buying land at extremely inflated rates when the villagers had sold their ancestral property for half the amount.

 “The land scam is reflective of what is going on in the state…We have seen how corruption has crippled various countries…I wanted to urge the people to come together and rescue the state from the hands of the people who are responsible for making us the infamous state for being number 1 in the corruption,” he said.

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