Meghalaya to get 1.40 lakh more vaccination doses


Meghalaya will be getting another 1.40 lakh vaccination doses by the first week of July as Chief Minister Conrad Sangma announced on Monday that the availability of vaccines in the state is expected to be close to 2 lakh within the next ten days.

Further, Sangma informed that the state is having about 90,000 vaccines at present and will receive another 40,000 in two-three days time.

“We should be having another 1 lakh more by the end of this month or the first week of July,” he said.

“And may be about a week to ten days, total together we will have close to 2 lakh vaccines available,” Sangma added.

Stating that the government of India is providing vaccines as per usage basis, the Chief Minister said the states that are doing well they will get more vaccines.

Regarding the COVID-19 expenditure, Sangma said that expenditure incurred for the second wave is much lesser compared to the first wave.

“Last year the expenditure touched more than 400 crore but this year it has not gone to that level. This year we tried to minimize the expenditure of course it is always a balance between social aspect of helping people and the limit to which we help and the financial resources ,” he added.