Meghalaya to implement smart town projects at Tura and Jowai. 


The State Government is all set to implement the smart town projects at Tura and Jowai. 

 Chief Minister Conrad Sangma inform this while reacting to the opposition against the government’s decision to shift the PWD North Division from Jowai to Shangpung village. 

 “Approximately Rs 10-15 crore depending on the exact estimates will be spent for upgradation of these towns – to beautify certain areas and junctions. This again is part of the smart town projects,” Sangma said. 

 He said the government is emphasizing upgradation of the towns. “We have already worked on the internal road upgradation for Jowai, Tura and Williamnagar. We also look at waste management as an area where we want to improve the overall work of the town. Apart from this, we also realize these towns need an integrated location where the service to the people can be given from one location and that is where a concept of having mini secretariats in all the districts but due to financial constraints we intent to start with Jowai and Tura town. So you will see in the next few years there will be the infrastructure of mini secretariats coming up in these two locations and apart from DC office it will have government departments all under one roof,” Sangma said. 


According to him, this is also in line with the Meghalaya Right to Public Services Bill, 2020 which was introduced in the current Assembly.


He said the idea is to ensure delivery of services and efficiency improves at the grassroot level.


The chief minister said, therefore, the government has taken a logical movement of shifting the PWD North Division from Jowai to Shangpung because its geographical jurisdiction is in Shangpung and Mookaiaw and also ensuring that Jowai must go up. 


“It is being done to ensure governance improve, efficiency and overall work for the people and state improves,” he added