The A·chik Conscious Holistically Integrated Krima (ACHIK) organization on Thursday submitted a memorandum to Chief Minister Conrad Sangma to make Tura the second capital or the Winter Capital of Meghalaya.

In the memorandum, the organisation reminded the Chief Minister that at the time of creation of the State, the government at the time agreed to make Tura the winter capital and the proposal was passed to that effect. “Therefore, this is not a demand, rather a fulfilment of the existing bill,” ACHIK said.

“Creation of capital/s is a State affair as provisioned by Article 154(1) of the Indian Constitution, decided by the State cabinet and signed off by the Governor,” the organisation said adding, therefore, the demand or fulfilment of the demand is attainable and achievable.

The memorandum which was signed by its president Thomas M Marak, vice president Greneth M Sangma and general secretary and advocate Ms. Bernita R Marak stated that the idea of having a Summer Capital in Shillong and a Winter Capital at Tura was proposed by the yesteryear leaders of the Hills State Movement, who envisioned it as a roadmap for the development and administration of the state of Meghalaya.

“The delay in implementing the establishment of Tura as the Winter Capital would only lead to further injustices and frustrations for the citizens of the Garo Hills. The generation that fought for the creation of the state of Meghalaya has not forgotten the promises made by the leaders of the Hills State Movement, and the vision they had for the people of Garo Hills,” the memorandum  urging the present government to take action to fulfill this long-standing promise.

The establishment of Tura as the Winter Capital would bring about several benefits to the state of Meghalaya.

Apart from that the organization urged the Chief Minister to shift the state’s Additional Secretariat from Shillong to Tura to expedite the implementation process of devolution of power and promotion of development in the Garo Hills region.

It has also demanded that the offices of the Additional Chief Secretary and Additional DGP (Police) must be permanently posted in Tura which will pave the way for decentralization of powers and ensure all round development of Garo Hills.



By Editor