Miscreants pelted stone at vehicle of UDP’s Jirang candidate Badhok Nongmalieh

The vehicle of Jirang Constituency UDP candidate Badhok Nongmalieh was partially damaged after unknown miscreants pelted stone at his vehicle at Jorabat on Saturday night.

A tourist vehicle bearing registered number ML 10 C 1864 was also damaged in the incident.

The UDP candidate’s vehicle bearing registration number ML 10 B 1471 was damaged near Jorabat police outpost.

The incident occurred on Saturday evening at around 9 pm when the Jirang Constituency UDP candidate, Badhok Nongmalieh was returning from his public meeting at Mawsmai village, however, while the vehicle reached near Jorobat Assam Police outpost,  some miscreants started pelting stone. Soon after that they fled away after damaging the rear windshield.

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