MoS Tribal Affairs assures to review boundary pact


Union Minister of State for Tribal Affairs Bishweswar Tudu on Friday assured to review the alleged surrendering of tribal lands to Assam by Meghalaya Government in the name of resolving the boundary dispute between the two states.

Asked, Tudu assured, “I will review it.”

Stating that boundary issue is not the issue of a single state, the Minister said, “I will talk (about Assam Meghalaya boundary issue) at political level, first I will take it up at political level after getting the information, I will further take it up at the administration level.”

The Minister of State was responding to the demands of the Opposition Trinamool Congress who accused Meghalaya government of gifting `huge tracts of tribal lands’ along the interstate border to Assam while signing a pact to end a 50 year-old border dispute with the larger neighbouring state.