MPCC chief Vincent Pala on his maiden trip to Garo Hills; to visit Resubelpara on Monday


Meghalaya Pradesh Congress Committee President Vincent H Pala during his maiden visit to Garo Hills will meet former Chief Minister and veteran Congress leader Saleng C Marak at Resubelpara in North Garo Hills on Monday.

According to programme the Newly appointed MPCC president is schedule to meet his party leaders on Monday. “I am going to Resubelpara , I wanted to see Salseng C Marak and take his blessing, “

Asked if there is any attempt to bring his (Salseng C Marak )son to Politics, the MPCC chief said as of now there is no such talk but details can be mention only after meeting.

“I haven’t met him for long, Monday itself I will go to Delhi,” Pala said.

A leader from Garo Hills Congress said that there is an arrangement for brief meeting with the Party leaders; however, the details are still unavailable.

This visit assumes significant in wake of the new MPCC Chief’s attempt to get back party leaders.

There are rumors that the MPCC chief will try to bring back some of the former congress members and leaders from Garo Hills. The attempts are also made to pull the children as well as the family members of the congress veterans.

Pala had maintained that bringing back former leaders who left the party will be one of my top priorities as a president.

Sources said that Pala’s appeal has also received positive response from many former leaders who have expressed their willingness to return to the Congress.

The MPCC President, who is visiting Delhi later on Monday, however, rules out meeting congress high command.