‘MPCC new team’ to ensure internal rumbling stop going to Public domain: Dr. Ampareen


Meghalaya Pradesh Congress Committee Working President Dr. M Ampareen Lyngdoh said with four able leaders strategically taking care of Congress in the state, there is a likelihood that the internal issues will stop going to the Public domain.

 With internal rumbling became part of Congress, the newly appointed working President of MPCC Dr. M Ampareen Lyngdoh said, “…when you have four able individuals who will be strategically taking care of individual parts of the state, there will be a high likelihood that such issues which are internal in nature  will stop going into the public domain and we will be able to handle them correctly and try to solve out the issues within ourselves.”

Commenting further on this, Dr. Lyngdoh said, “…Every political party in this country which is democratic in nature will have some amount of resentment and clashes, so the term used broadly is infighting, because we are such a big team and because we have such experienced individuals there tends to be a clash of ideas.”

In 2018, several sitting Congress legislators switched over and joined Parties like NPP and BJP. The ruling alliances have also claimed that prior to the 2023 Assembly election, some congress legislators are planning a similar switchover.

Reacting to this, the senior Congress Legislator said, “We know that horse trading is a common phenomenon in politics, either pre poll or post poll, it is not something which is unique only to the congress party or to the state of Meghalaya. Poaching of MLAs is a very common phenomenon, it is happening everywhere and more so in this era because money plays a very important role.”

She even states that the congress party irrespective of who goes or who comes will  remain firm as the leaders in the last three and half years have made their prominence felt in the political spectrum.

“…. let me assure you our presence in the political arena has not been denied. We have made observations clear, we have taken stand on several issues  and on several occasions we have prompted the correct action to be taken, we have shared our ideas. as of today the ongoing in the state is of different kind, the breakdown of law and order. We are simply saying law of the land should prevail,” Lyngdoh added.

Asked if Congress will once again reach out to the leaders who deserted the oldest political party in 2018, She said, “Congress party will welcome all anyone who comes to the party is welcomed. We will not single out individuals.”

 Meanwhile, Dr. Ampareen also mentioned that Congress is eyeing to retain the two seats Rajabala and Mawryngkneng seats as that is their immediate priority.

“…. the first strategy before us is to retain the two by-election seats which has still not been announced by the Government. Yes we are under the pandemic, we know that there are challenges that have to be met with but two constituencies Rajabala and Mawryngkneng, have remained without a representative from the month of March and April so now we need to consolidate on these two very important seats which were predominantly ours, we will have to strategies to ensure that we are able to retain these seats,” the Congress leader said.

Meanwhile,   she also mentioned that a new committee will be formed accordingly that will make inroads for election 2023.

“… so it is a right time and we are about a year and a half away from poll, we hope we are able to consolidate, stick to grass root selections of candidates, groom candidates where we have no probable or prominent face, we will then have to ensure that whatever decisions that are taken are grassroot in nature so that the support comes naturally for our candidates in 2023,” Ampareen said.

She further informed that the new team will start planning the manifesto of the party soon.

“ … we hope now to immediately expand the team , make sure that we place enough party men and women who have dedicated themselves to servicing through the congress party in correct positions so that this team becomes a formidable team, this team will have a purpose and this team will remain focused. There has been very poor governance since 2018 that is the narrative of the community,” the working president added.