NCP Meghalaya President Saleng Sangma joins Congress

In a boost to Meghalaya Congress, the state president of the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) Saleng Sangma joined the Indian National Congress (INC) at the Congress Bhawan, Shillong on Monday.  Its Ghar wapsi for the three time legislators from Gambegre constituency, Saleng A Sangma joined back congress after 10 years in presence of MPCC president Vincent H Pala.

Along with Sangma, MDC of Sutnga-Nongkhlieh Richard Lyngdoh also joined Congress today.

Talking to the media, Saleng said he joined Congress because it’s a bigger platform and not for the Congress vote bank.

“Last time I was totally giving up, it was a mystery that I came back as an MLA…… I am not scared. I am joining congress you all know that it’s a bigger platform now NCP, I was just one MLA and I was talking about NCP and making their presence felt every now and then,” the Former NCP president said.

“Its not about vote bank it’s about me, myself and my people,” Saleng added.

“With the Congress atleast we can work together and the objective of joining Congress was for the people,” he said.

Interestingly, Sangma in 2018 won the Gambegre seat by a mere 136 votes.

According to sources, Saleng Sangma is facing a strong competition from his opponent TMC at Gambegre Legislative Assembly constituency, which he represented thrice.

Meanwhile, Sangma further said the anti-Christian tag that BJP has been attributed with is one of the main reasons why he choose Congress instead.

“Lots of people from here posting many anti BJP comments on atrocities against the Christian community – this is going on everywhere and since this is a Christian dominated state, I don’t want to hurt the sentiments of my people. That is the emotion I have to respect,” the former NCP president said.

While reacting on corruption charges levelled against the MDA government, he said, “If the people have given them the mandate and now people realised.”


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