NEHU students demand immediate termination of Nantu Das for alleged sexual molestation

The students of North-Eastern Hill University (NEHU) today met vice chancellor (VC) Prof Prabha Shankar Shukla to demand immediate termination of Nantu Das who was accused of sexual molestation of one female volunteer in the university campus.


Speaking to media persons, NEHUSU general secretary Rudolf Carey Chyne informed that the accused is currently under police custody after he was arrested late evening of 19 November.


Chyne claimed that Das is currently the Assistant Director of Sports and on 19 November he had personally gone and picked up one female Volunteer who is tasked to felicitates the players who will be taking part in the Women’s Inter University Football scheduled to be held in Odisha.


“Das allegedly picked up the victim halfway, subjecting her to sexual molestation in the car and upon reaching the Kiang Nangbah Guest House, he is further accused of making multiple attempts to sexually assault the victim” alleged Chyne.


Chyne informed that after receiving complaints against Das, the Union along with the parent of the victim had lodged an FIR against the accused.


In this regard, the NEHUSU met the VC to demand for strict action from the university against the accused in order to maintain the integrity of the university.


“The removal of the accused is not only an act of justice for the survivor but also a crucial step in safeguarding the safety, security and welfare of the students, employees, and the entire community of the university and the broader public” he added.


When asked about the assurance of the VC, Chyne said that the VC had sought 1-2 days to decide further course of action against Das.

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