NEHUSU demands strict action against those responsible for facilitating entry of alleged RSS/ABVP goons

SHILLONG, MAR 26: The North Eastern Hill University Students’ Union (NEHUSU) has demanded the university administration to take strict action against those responsible for facilitating the entry of alleged RSS/ABVP goons inside the campus.


In a statement on Tuesday, NEHUSU general secretary B Riang said, “We, the NEHUSU, would like to appeal to the administration to take strict actions against those who facilitated the entry of RSS/ABVP goons inside the campus and also the police to apprehend the culprits immediately.”


“We also appeal to the student community of NEHU to vigilantly resist any attempts to polarize  the campus, disrupt the harmonious co-existence by the communal forces through their mindless violence,” he said.


Riang said that the union is outraged by the brutal assault on NEHUSU vice president, Easterson Sohtun by RSS/ABVP goons on March 25.


“He was subjected to casteist abuses. Around 12.15 – 12.45 pm on Monday, a mob of ABVP/RSS goons entered the campus on the pretext of celebrating holi in an attempt to communalise the celebrations. We demand an answer from the administration on what grounds did they give them permission to enter the campus,” he said.


“When the NEHUSU vice president witnessed the developments as he was passing by, he immediately rushed to the spot, called the security in-charge and requested the non NEHU student outsiders to leave the campus as it compromised the safety and security of women students celebrating the festival. The request was met by casteist and anti-tribal slurs followed by a brutal assault by the fascist RSS/ABVP mob,” Riang said.


He also added, “In NEHU, all festivals – be it Christmas, Holi or Eid – are celebrated vibrantly and harmoniously every year. It is utterly unfortunate that fascist organizations like RSS/ABVP are trying to communalise and politicize such sacred festivals, thus disturbing the peace and tranquillity of the campus.”


Meanwhile, a protest was also staged by the members of the union against the incident.

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