New tribe called ‘high level tribe’ allowed to prosper under MDA Govt: alleges Dr Celestine

Opposition Congress legislator from Umsning Dr Celestine Lyngdoh on Monday alleged that high level tribe was allowed to prosper under Meghalaya Democratic Alliance government.


Participating in the budget discussion, Lyngdoh said, “This new tribe has been allowed to prosper under the watch of the MDA 1.0.”


He also hit out at the BJP-NPP partnership wherein despite the ‘most corrupt’ tag ahead of the elections, the BJP is cosying up to the NPP forming the government here.


 “I’m afraid to see the trend that is going on in the country. There are a certain group of people who say without us, if you do something it is called corruption, but the same activity, if we are included and allowed to do together, it is called brilliance. This is the tragedy that the country is facing now,” he said.


He also urged the government to take control of the new high level tribes.


The MLA also pointed out to the recent high court order for deployment of CISF to check illegal transportation of coal.


 “When our police forces try to adjust with all the impossible demands, maybe of the people in power, this is the risk we run. We lose face in front of the Courts,” he said. He added, “All these activities that are going on that made us get the tag of the most corrupt state in India.”


The Congress leader said that Amit Shah’s ‘most corrupt’ tag for Meghalaya has affected the image of the Christian-dominated state and people are identifying locals as ‘chor number 1’ (number 1 thief).


Stating that the allegation was made by the same people who shouted ‘Na Khaunga na khane dunga’ slogans, Lyngdoh further said that the allegation was ‘not made in a tea shop or in any corner somewhere’ but at a big election rally where thousands of people are present.


 Meanwhile, he urged the government of the day to bring back the image of our people in uniforms and the pride that we refer Meghalaya to as  a Christian state.

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