New Year Resolution to eradicate Covid 19


The Khasi New Year day was observed in a solemn celebration at Riti Academy, JaiawLangsning, Shillong at midnight on 15th November 2020. The celebration was graced by Spiton Kharakor, Herman Nongrum, N Munish Singh, and a host of well-wishers, with the traditional lighting of the torch initiated by Raphael Warjri, Chairman, Riti Academy. The new year day of the Khasi community is based on the agrarian calculation of the lunar cycle introduced by the renowned writer, Spiton Kharakor, ‘The other communities elsewhere in the country and the world have their new year as much as the Khasi does, and it has always prevailed among the farmers in every village. But it was never held as a special occasion until last year’. He said that the motivation for the observation of the new year was triggered during the second death anniversary of late B Nishan Wahlang at Riti Academy on a casual interaction with Herman Nongrum. Recalling his encounter with late Wahlang, Nongrum stated ‘I asked Wahlang to define and write something about the concept of Tipbriew Tipblei, to which he kept the condition that I should let him know about the Khasi new year day’. However, the metaphorical answer facilitated the actual endeavor of formulating the lunar calendar that was published subsequently.
The most relevant message sent across by Herman Nongrum ‘We will start the New Year with the hope for good health and eradication of the menace of Covid 19’, which was taken as a resolution for the upcoming year. Others who spoke on the occasion included N Munish Singh and Raphael Warjri, which was followed by the interaction on the topic from among those present on the auspicious occasion.