Next election will be fought on the basis of technology: Pala


Changing the election strategy, the newly appointed Meghalaya Pradesh Congress President Vincent Pala said the next election in 2023 will be fought on the basis of technology as with the advent of COVID 19 pandemic, the election campaign model too changes.

“Next election will not be like a normal election like it has been so far, next election will be based on technology, based on datas based on the information on the ground so we are preparing, we have put our research team with the help of different organisation,”  said Vincent pala, MPCC President.

Speaking at the ceremony to welcome the new joiners, the State congress chief said, “… we are under the process of having our own server, our own data collections, data analytic and we will pack up with all the data analysis scientist who are with us within the congress. “

Further he expressed his willingness to complete the task in two months means by December  to put everything in place.

“We will put our teams together in order after a month or two after due consultation with all the MLAs and all the district presidents  we will put our teams in the job I think within two months we can do it,” Pala said.

Talking about the revival of Congress , he said, “Today people of Meghalaya knows congress in the Assembly may we have less in numbers but we are not less in values. as a congress party we will work together, we have gone so many ups and down I think this is the tested time for us.”

Altogether five political personalities joined congress on Thursday. Former HSPDP member and advocate Fenela Lyngdoh Nonglait (left in picture), Mosjo R Wanswet from Shella and Adrian Lambert C Mylliem from Jirang also joined the party at a function held in a city hotel on Thursday in the presence of outgoing MPCC president Celestine Lyngdoh, newly appointed president Vincent Pala and other Congress leaders and supporters.

While RG Lyngdoh is returning to Congress after a gap of 13 years, PN Syiem had left the Congress in 2017 and formed PDF but unsuccessfully contested from Mawsynram in 2018. Later he joined NPP and won the KHADC polls in 2019 and chose to remain as independent till he rejoined Congress on Thursday.

Speaking on the occasion, Former Home Minister Robert Garnett Lyngdoh has expressed confidence that the Congress will be voted back to power in 2023.

Stating that the advantage in 2023 is with the Congress, RG Lyngdoh said, “It is definitely with us but will we be able to take advantage of it or will we throw it away…that is something we need to do a lot of soul searching and thinking about.”

He however pointed out that one of the reasons why perhaps the Congress doesn’t have a second line of command is because whoever is in command is more interested in getting rid of the congregation than encouraging the second line in command and said “Let’s call a spade a spade.”

The former home minister said that when Vincent Pala came and talk to him, he could see he was really a team player.

“A man who will consult, a man who will discuss with others and I think that is what we need to sweep 2023. I firmly believe that we can get absolute majority in 2023,” he added.

Lyngdoh also urged the party leaders to stop pulling the carpet from each others’ feet.

“We have to work together as a team, support each other, help each other and remember that we are here not for power, not for glory, we are here for the people

Especially after having won, we have to remember that we should build bridges to the people, not walls. That is very important and if we can do that nobody believes me can bring down the Congress again,” he said.

“And I believe that today with this team we got here, with the spirit that we have within each and every one of us to do something great for the party. I believe we can do it, I believe we will do it,” he also said.

Lyngdoh also maintained that his rejoining the Congress was not for glory but for the people of the state.

“I will definitely do what is asked of me, and I will help and I will work with the members of the party to the best of my capacity that is a promise that I gave. I repeat I am not here for the glory, I am here for the people and I will be there,” he said.