NF Co. Limited South Korea to donate 10 numbers of medical oxygen supply system to Meghalaya


In a major boost to the Healthcare sector, NF Co. Limited South Korea is donating as many as 10 numbers of the medical oxygen supply system to the Meghalaya Government. 

Jaejoon Woo, Chief Executive Officer, NF Healthcare India Private Limited said, “I would like to announce a small contribution to Meghalaya we will provide donating10 medical oxygen supply system Moss in Meghalaya, a small contribution to Meghalaya. This small contribution is a base to shape close relationships and shaping promising futures.”

“2 Moss 450S are perfectly running in Civil hospital and one Moss 80 is at the dialysis centre of the civil hospital are presently functioning as 10 more are in the pipeline,” Mark Matthew, Chief Operating officer NF Healthcare India Private Limited said. 

“We’ve all realised that one of the most effective ways of saving lives is providing oxygen to patients who need it,” the organization said. 

Having thrust on Eco-friendly life, the NF Co. Limited South Korea has extended their support through our 100% owned subsidiary NF Healthcare India Private Limited, New Delhi to the government of Meghalaya by donating medical oxygen support systems MOSS80.

“ We’re willing to work with the government of Meghalaya to strengthen its health system and support it on the road towards its health coverage. We’ll be delighted to come forward with more if the need be,” Woo said. 

“This is just one way in which NF is continuing to support the government and the people of Meghalaya with science, solidarity, and solutions,” he added. 

Meanwhile, Health Minister AL Hek said, “They have not come only to do business here, they are here to help our state and also our country. They have already promised to send ten more numbers of the medical oxygen supply system for the state of Meghalaya and for the entire country they are going to supply a hundred numbers,“ Hek

Asked, the Health Minister said, “This is for the health department of Meghalaya and not for any particular hospital, and whenever any hospital requires we are going to supply taking the donation given to us by the friends from South Korea.”

“ Not only in Shillong Civil Hospital but also in Ganesh das and other District hospitals we are going to supply this since it is workable and very effective,” he added. 

NF, strives to support by developing an Intelligent Medical Oxygen support solution that offers greater ease of use, improved patient safety and Individualized ventilation to the patients.

 The medical industry has been called upon to help address the world’s most acute needs through this crisis. And I’m proud of how our frontline workers have raised the game by being there when this world needed them the most.