NGEA express doubt over release of pending dues by GHADC


Expressing doubt over the release of pending dues by Garo Hills Autonomous District Council, the vice president of Non- Gazetted Employees Association (NGEA), Demure T Sangma said the Employee under the banner of NGEA had been demanding for clearing the due salary since from 2018 but till date previous EC and new EC let by NPP have not been able to clear our monthly due salary.

“Promising and announcing in the social media for payment of regular salary to the employees of GHADC is nothing new and the CEM and the EC of GHADC have nothing to be proud about it, and it’s still doubtful whether it  will be materialized,” Sangma said.

He was referring to the announcement of CEM of GHADC on 10th August 2021 for the payment of three months salary and again on 17th September 2021 for payment of four months’ salary to the Employee on various social media like whatsapp, facebook, instagram etc

The NGEA said the employees of GHADC had been continuously fighting for justice by organising different forms of agitation demanding the release of monthly salary and implementation of fifth pay commission recommendations.

“Earlier, the chief executive member had invited various pressure groups, employees of GHADC and the leaders of NGEA on  June 4 this year and during the public meeting, the  CEM of GHADC had made a lot of promises to release the monthly salary for five months’ at once, and  thereafter to clear the three months’ salary  within two months in new scale, to implement  the Meghalaya fifth pay commission, to conduct the local audit and to take legal action against previous MDCs who were found  guilty of misappropriation of public fund, not to harass and terminate the employees of GHADC”, the NGEA leader said.

The NGEA leaders expresses his surprise non fulfilment of  promises made by the Chief Executive Member of GHADC except payment of five months’ salary.

Therefore, the NGEA executive members discussed the need to take a new course of action in a meeting held with strict maintenance of SOP in June about the issue of non-fulfilment of the promises and assurance made by the CEM and later, the Executive Committee and the Principle Secretary of GHADC decided to terminate and suspend the president of the NGEA and seven other members on the allegation of not following the SOP/Covid protocols.

Sangma said that Principle secretary and the EC of GHADC have no jurisdiction/power to take action against the leaders of NGEA and other employees for violation of Covid protocols as it is the deputy commissioner of West Garo Hills who can take action.

“In Shillong, when various NGOs were organising the rally, it was the Deputy Commissioner of East Khasi Hills who had issued show cause notice to the leaders of NGOs on alleged violation of Covid protocols but shockingly the EC and principal secretary of GHADC have terminated the service of the president of NGEA and suspended seven executive members on alleged violation of Covid protocols”, Sangma said.

He alleged that this was done with a mala-fide intention to suppress the voice of NGEA and prevent it from fighting for justice.

“The NGEA had been fighting not only for releasing the monthly salary but also against corruption, therefore the EC led by NPP could not digest the stand of leaders of NGEA, but our fight for justice will never go in vain”, Sangma said.

He clarified that prior to the suspension and termination of service of NGEA leaders, hundreds of people had gathered on the premises of GHADC without wearing mask and not maintaining social distancing but the principle secretary had not taken any initiative to ensure that the Covid protocols are followed.