NGEA slams CM for his claim to release 23 months salary


The Non-Gazetted Employees Association (NGEA) of the Garo Hills Autonomous District Council (GHADC) on Wednesday slammed Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma for claiming that Rs 46.57 crore was sanctioned by the MDA government to clear the salary of the GHADC employees for 23 months.

 “We strongly condemned the claim of the Chief Minister that the Govt of Meghalaya has sanctioned Rs 46.57 Crores to clear the due salary of GHADC employees for 23 months.

We further stated that we never expect such false Statement from the Chief Minister who is expected to inform the public which is only correct and truthful but we have witnessed that a person who holds the prestigious and constitutional post and as ahead of the state giving a false claim and lying to the public that his Govt has sanctioned Rs.46.57 Crores to clear the due salary of employees for 23 months,” the NGEA said in a statement.

 It added, “…as per the RTI report the said amount was neither sanctioned by the MDA Govt. nor was received by the GHADC.”

 The NGEA said on March 12, Chief Minister also informed the House during the just concluded Assembly session that the state has received total royalty of Rs 829,42,86,207 from extracted coal since April 17, 2014, and out of the said amount three ADC i.e., KHADC, JHADC and GHADC  supposed to receive 40%  share from the State and approximately 100 Crores should have been released to each ADC but as per GHADC is concerned the share of royalty out of  Rs. 829,42,86,207 have not been received by GHADC till date.

 The NGEA also stated that the monthly collection of Revenue from GHADC is a minimum of Rs. 5 to 6 Crores besides 50 to 60 Crores is earned by GHADC as a royalty share from the State Government which mean approximately GHADC earn approximately 110 Crores only from the Revenue generated by GHADC and from the royalty share of the State 

 “But despite of the above-mentioned amount, the authority of GHADC/the former Executive Committee led by NPP will not able to release a due salaries for about 31 months and as a Head of the Party and as a Head of the State the present Chief Minister Conrad K.Sangma is responsible and answerable for not able to release the salary to the employer of GHADC as well as for huge misappropriation of Rs 246.67   Crores sanctioned by the Ministry of Finance, Government of India, and for missing of Rs. 45.57 Crores which he himself claim was released for payment of salary for 23 months and for the misappropriation of approximate 110 Crores earned by the GHADC from Revenue collection as well as from Royalty share of the State,” it said.