NHIDCL to prepare action plan to prevent recurrence of landslide at Rngain along Shillong-Dawki road

Deputy Chief Minister in-charge PWD (Road) Prestone Tynsong has informed that the National Highways & Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd (NHIDCL) will prepare an action plan to prevent the recurrence of landslide at Rngain along the Shillong-Dawki road.

Speaking to reporters, Tynsong said that the landslide prone area was discussed during a meeting with NHIDCL and they have identified a few areas and how to take care as it is so dangerous with the coming of the monsoons.

“We already discussed all the details. The technical people from the NHIDCL will prepare an action plan on how to go about it and to make sure a dedicated team for any emergency work is there 24×7,” he said.

Asked, the deputy chief minister said, “I was informed by the NHIDCL that cancellation has already been done against ARSS due to poor progress of work. So the head office of NHIDCL has already terminated the contract agreement with the ARSS, which is implementing the package-II which is from Mylliem till the bypass Pynursla.”

Meanwhile, package-I, package-4 and package 5 were also discussed during the meeting, which has asked the NHIDCL to immediately start the retendering process for these packages of the Shillong-Dawki road.

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