No anti-incumbency against Conrad Sangma; Ampareen counts development initiatives

SHILLONG, MAR 1: NPP candidate for Shillong parliamentary seat and cabinet minister Ampareen Lyngdoh on Friday said there is no anti-incumbency working against the Conrad K Sangma-led Meghalaya Democratic Alliance government ahead of the Lok Sabha polls.


Speaking to reporters, Lyngdoh said, “Define anti-incumbency. You have just gone through the latest budget presentation by the CM and you still think (that). I do not think I have the challenge at all (as) everywhere we are going there is progress and development. I was in Rambrai seven months back the roads there were in horrible condition. I went today or yesterday there is a perfect road there.”


“Look at farmers they are doing so much today ever than before. Look at the income generated and livelihood generation of a lot of our programmes in the farming sector. They are all indicative that we are progressing…so where is the anti-incumbency? I do not forsee any anti-incumbency,” she added.


She said the coalition parnters in the MDA are also fielding their respective candidates for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.


“We are all in the same government. Where the anti-incumbency factor comes? You have a perfect place for the discussion of anti-incumbency and that is in the floor of the House. When you don’t come when the matter is raised where is the question of us responding to any anti-incumbency? To my knowledge everywhere we are doing better,” she said.


Lyngdoh said she will not distract herself on what her opponents are saying otherwise she will be defeating the whole purpose of contesting the election since she has a clear vision and that she is representing a party which is heading the coalition government.


“Many candidates will anyways be our partners (since they are belong to coalition partners) so where does the question of a different opinion on the growth of the state comes. There will be some who will keep shouting that nothing is getting done but we are substantiating their allegations with clear verdict and clear numbers and clear indicators (so) it is upto the people of Meghalaya to decide. Do you want an MP, who will fight for the issues of the state once elected to the post of MP or do you want to get on into this its okay it doesn’t matter who goes to Delhi,” she said.


“But if you want an MP who will voice for the people of the state so many issues of the state that are fought on the streets are actually issues which need to be decided at the centre. How often have you heard any debates about these issues that are becoming big problems in our streets from year to year. I don’t think we have heard so I go to the people with a very clear objective, I am here to voice these issues to the correct channel,” she added.

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