No ILP, no discussion on railway: CoMSO


The Confederation of Meghalaya Social Organization (CoMSO) has totally rejected the idea to discuss implementation of railway projects without the Inner Line Permit (ILP).

“We are very clear that no ILP, no discussion on railway. It is only after ILP is implemented, then we may have a thought on railways. Railway without mechanisms to regulate entry and settlement of illegal immigrants is not acceptable in our state,” CoMSO chairman Robertjune Kharjahrin told reporters on Wednesday.

He said that the confederation is not even thinking of meeting the Deputy Commissioner of Ri Bhoi District as there is no need to discuss railway without ILP.

Asked on the suggestion made by some political parties for allowing the introduction of goods trains, Kharjahrin however said there is nothing to differentiate between a goods train and a passenger train.

“A train is a train as the moment a railway track is constructed you cannot say it will be used only by goods train. Let us not have any differentiation between the two, let us have ILP in place first and then we will have a discussion on railway,” he added.