No intention to shift any of the sitting legislators: Pala


Meghalaya Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) chief Vincent H Pala has categorically denied that there was an attempt to shift Nongthymmai legislator Charles Pyngrope, who left and joined the AITC, to Mawryngkneng in 2023.


“This is the first time I am hearing this. In the party, we don’t shift to a man like Charles. It is up to him from where he would like to fight elections,” Pala said while reacting to a recent statement made  by Charles Pyngrope that there were attempts made to shift him to Mawryngkneng.


Pala further maintained that there has been no intention to shift any of the sitting legislators.


“We never had any intentions to shift any of the sitting candidates be it sitting MDCs or sitting MLAs to be a candidate of another seat,” he said.


When asked, Pala said, “I never heard that. I met Charles, he never told about all these issues. It is not my job or anybody’s job to shift anybody, if he is still with the Congress, he would contest from wherever he likes.”