‘No question of betrayal by NPP denying tickets to some sitting MLAs’: Conrad

National People’s Party (NPP) national president and chief minister Conrad K Sangma on Saturday said there is no question of betrayal by NPP denying tickets to some of its sitting legislators.


Sangma said, “Obviously for the party we have to look at all angles and all aspects of the coming elections. We are not the only political party that does this or has to take decision like these.”


The NPP chief has declared former Assembly Speaker AT Mondal as the party’s official candidate from Phulbari constituency, which is presently represented by an NPP legislator SG Estamur Mominin.


He said  it was not easy to take decisions to not giving ticket to sitting MLAs.


 “I am not saying it is very easy for us to just decide and move forward and not giving a ticket to somebody. It is very tough but as a leader of the party and as a president of the party I have certain responsibility to ensure that we take the party forward in the coming elections in the best possible way and therefore some tough decisions have to be taken and we have to do it.”


He also added, “It does not mean we personally have anything against anybody. As I mentioned there are many political parties in the country – they also denied tickets to many sitting MLAs and that happens. it is not easy for us to decide because we have to take tough decisions keeping in mind the larger interest of the state and the party.”


Meanwhile, Sangma said that the NPP will ensure that it wins from maximum seats from all over the state.  


“I have always said and in every statements of mine that elections are not easy you cannot predict and you cannot take things for granted, you have to work hard and you need to have strong mindset and I keep repeating you need to have a survivor mindset, you have to think that things are tough and keep working hard even though people may come and tell you that things are good – the moment you think that things are good I think that is when things start going wrong,” he said.

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