No Unity among MDA coalition partners: Congress

Pic by Meghalaya News 24. subject to copyright

Opposition Congress chief and Shillong MP Vincent H Pala said there is no unity among the coalition partners of the Meghalaya Democratic Alliance government and that they are more divided than the Congress.


“They (cabinet ministers) cannot see eye to eye among themselves because (they are) fighting for bone…,” Pala told reporters on Wednesday.


“There is no unity amongst them…NPP is on one side, UDP is on one side, PDF is on one side. In Garo Hills, the NPP has got their own candidate and UDP their own candidate inspite of being together in the government,” he said.


According to him, the MDA partners should have at least united during the bye election.


“Now people realized that there is no question for them to unite. So they are more divided than the Congress,” he stated.


Pala was reacting to a recent statement made by the Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma that the Congress is a driverless party. He claimed that the Congress is stronger than ever.


“Conrad whenever he has no agendas he only pointed to the Congress. There is no such division we are totally strong. I think this time we are more stronger and united than ever before,” Pala said.


Stating that there are no differences between him and the Congress legislature party leader Mukul Sangma, the MPCC chief said, “Only at the beginning I think Dr Mukul might have already given a statement in the press that AICC might have misunderstanding with him, nothing to do with me. He went to Delhi and he got it clarified and as of now we are working together. That is why I said if you see on the ground, Congress workers are more than the ruling workers as there is no unity among them.”


“There is no question of so many groups (within the party), Congress is one. I may have my own idea, they may have their own idea, own views, but what binds us together is the party,” he added.