‘Nobody discusses about Manipur in Delhi because Northeast MPs are not united’ : NPP Meghalaya Chief

National People’s Party (NPP) Meghalaya president Dr. WR Kharlukhi said nobody discusses about Manipur in Delhi because Northeast MPs are not united.


Dr. Kharlukhi said the issues and the problems of Northeast are not getting due importance in Delhi because of the absence of unity among the North East MPs.


“With one-two MPs going separately nobody will listen to us. You see what happens in Manipur nobody discusses about Manipur because we went separately. If we had one voice from the NE, sending 20-21 MPs, it would have been different. If NE is divided, we have to just forget about it,” the NPP Meghalaya President said.


Asked further about Manipur, the Rajya Sabha MP said, “I don’t know if the Prime Minister has completely ignored it or not but he met us last time, we discussed even with the Home Minister but a part of that they have their own politics I don’t know but only thing is I am sad to see that people are divided on communal lines and who suffers its we the people of Northeast who suffers. “


While stating that his party is targeting to win 15-20 seats from the North East region in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections,   Dr. Kharlukhi said


“If Northeast wants to be a strong force in Delhi politics they have sent a party from the Northeast with atleast 15-20 MPs, then they will listen to you, or else it will end their only,” he added.


Talking about the crucial issue of ILP and language resolution awaiting centre’s nod, he said the absence of unity has led the crucial resolution hanging as Northeast stands divided.


“The Government has passed a resolution not only on Khasi language, even on ILP but nothing happened because Government is not doing anything at the centre and thats why I am saying if we keep on dividing our people, you just forget about it,” he added.


Addressing media persons, Kharlukhi said, “Yes, we will try to put up candidates all over the NE. If NPP can win in the whole of NE, which we are projecting and targeting 15-20 MPs, our voice will be heard in the parliament. If not, the simple case of vice chancellor or director of NEIGRIHMS nobody will listen to us.”




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