Not by private vehicle but Education Minister send his daughter to school by bus

SHILLONG, MAR 7: Meghalaya Education Minister Rakkam A Sangma is leading by example for sending his daughter to school on a school bus.

Sangma said he would personally drop his daughter to the pick up point to see her off to school on a school bus.

“(This is) because I have confidence in the system as the bus is being monitored with a tracking system. I know whether the bus has reached the school or not and what time it is coming back. There is GPS in the bus. Therefore, I trust the system,” he said.

It may be mentioned here that the school buses introduced by the state government under the Sustainable Transport and Efficient Mobility Society (STEMS) programme last year has few takers.

Asked, the education minister said people in rural areas have more confidence in the system while sending their wards to schools.

“Earlier, our parents used to send us to schools on our own but these days in the city especially, parents are dropping their children to schools and then picking them up,” he said.

“Therefore, the government has introduced the school bus system and the whole objective is to also minimize the traffic jams also. It is a very good system and parents should not have any doubts in the system,” he said.

Stating that the government has ensured all safety measures in place, Sangma said, “I think the parents should not have any doubt in the system. The government is engaging trained people to look after the children. I would encourage parents of the city to not have any doubt in the system.”

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