Not only members affiliated with INC but from other political parties too are joining AITC: Dr. Mukul


All India Trinamool Congress (AITC) legislature party leader Mukul Sangma on Wednesday said it is an encouraging sign for the party as members from the Congress as well as other political parties are joining its fold.


Speaking to media persons, Sangma said notwithstanding the attempt of the Congress to misguide and trap MLAs, the AITC has been seeing tremendous response from across the state.


“You will go on seeing resigning and joining exercise over the next few months. Even today as I speak now, there are thousands of youth who are disassociating themselves from the Indian National Congress and are joining with the AITC in Tura,” he said.


Stating that the exodus of people from the Congress will be a continuous process, Sangma said, “We have said this whole collective decision that we have taken is completely based on our commitments toward our people and our state and we will continue to ensure that we remain focus and we remain glued to our commitment and our responsibility in uplifting the people and the state as whole.”


He further claimed that the political development will also go beyond the boundary of Meghalaya and said “It will happen in the rest of the states in the North East and the rest of the country.”


When asked, the former chief minister said, “It is not a question of the members who are affiliated with INC but there are many friends who have affiliated and aligning themselves with other political parties who are also coming and joining the AITC which is an encouraging sign.”


Whether MDCs from Garo Hills would also join the AITC, Sangma said, “Well you have to wait and be part of the exercise.”


Refusing to comment much on whether MLAs from other political parties are concerned, the AITC leader however said, “I think allow me to keep the cards close to my chest. Certain things will be shared with you as and when required.”