NPP approaches BJP, other Pol. parties asking them to merge 

Confident after the success of getting People’s Democratic Front (PDF) merged with NPP, the National People’s party (NPP) is looking forward to bringing​​ other political parties under its fold. NPP National Vice President Prestone Tynsong on Saturday said they have even approached the State BJP to merge with the NPP.

Speaking to Reporters, Tynsong said he party is reaching out to every political party for a possible merger.

“I am expecting more (political parties to merge with us). We are reaching out to every party that if they can merge there is nothing like it,” NPP National Vice President Prestone Tynsong said.

“The door of NPP is always open, so we reach out to every party. Why not follow suit as PDF has done, please join and merge with us,” he added.

With the merger of PDF, the strength of NPP has gone upto 28. To increase the tally further, the National Vice President of NPP said he is looking forward to the BJP to merge with them.

Asked, he said, “(Not only UDP) it includes everybody, even BJP also they can merge with us. Whether it is possible or not, it is our duty to reach out to every political party that is simple.”

Despite NPP National President and Chief Minister hinted of likely change in political equation post Sohiong polls, Tynsong however refused to comment on whether the state will witness a political change after the upcoming Sohiong election and said, “I will not say anything right now because I see the political change take place maybe every day or maybe every week so I will not say anything on that.”

“Right now yes they (UDP) are with us and they are still continuing with us but I don’t know about the future. Let us see how it goes then that time I will be able to tell you,” he added.




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