NPP candidate from Shillong seat Ampareen Lyngdoh files nomination for Lok Sabha polls

​The National People’s Party (NPP) candidate from the Shillong Parliamentary seat, Dr. M Ampareen Lyngdoh on Friday filed nominations for the upcoming Lok Sabha polls.


It may be mentioned that Meghalaya will go for polls in the first phase on April 19.


Dr.  Lyngdoh is the first candidate to file her nominations. Accompanied by the two Deputy Chief Ministers, Leaders and legislators, Ampareen Lyngdoh reached the office of the district administration, East Khasi.


Talking to Mediapersons, Lyngdoh said, “It is an important day for us where we willingly offer our candidatures as nominated official candidate of the NPP in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.”


“I have completed my journey through 36 constituencies. I have covered over hundreds of kilometers in about 3 and a half months before. Yesterday, I was able to go to the last segments of my constituency. I feel satisfied that I now am familiar with what I need to do. I know that there is much expectation but again like we said, we are here to serve the people and I will try my best to serve to the best of my capacity,” she said.


“I am very fortunate that I have the NPP’s entire team behind me. I am happy that my family, my husband, my brothers, my sisters, my children are all by my side. We will give our best and we leave it in the hands of the people, please vote for me as the most eligible candidate from the menu of candidates that you have and I hope that in this I shall be able to enter the next chapter of my political career,” she added.


Lyngdoh said there is no anti-incumbency for the NPP as far as MP election is concerned adding that the question should be asked to the concerned person, who has been MP for the past many years.


“However, we as a political party are now way ahead in our service to the people, people of Shillong constituency are familiar with governmental plans, proposals. We have a very specific blueprint that will take Meghalaya forward and reiterate, we have no anti-incumbency in the MP elections,” she said.


Asked, Lyngdoh said,  “We have seen that there are no permanent positions both in parties nor positions in the legislature or in the executive. I believe that having worked with a few political parties, who are fielding if not directly themselves as candidates but at least I have worked with them. I know the pulse, I know the mind and the modus operandi, I am familiar with their turfs and their support and because we come from a very close knit support system, I feel I will be advantage in this service that I will give to the people and the fight that I will place for myself in the elections. I am familiar with their turf and I will use that to my advantage.”


Shouting slogans and displaying NPP flags, the supporters too accompanied their leader. Prior to reaching the NPP office, Dr Lyngdoh NPP reached the Head​ Office and later to the Deputy Commissioner’s Office in East Khasi Hills, Shillong.

The four time legislator Lyngdoh serves as a Cabinet Minister in the MDA-II government.

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