West Shillong legislator Mohendro Rapsang on Friday filed his nomination on an NPP ticket and assured to convert the constituency into a ‘smart constituency’ if re-elected in the upcoming elections.


Speaking to reporters, Rapsang said that he is very happy at this juncture to be NPP candidate and he is confident with the pro people program of the government under the leadership of chief minister, he is sure to be re-elected in the up-coming election.


“Under the leadership of the dynamic Chief Minister we are going to win this seat also and I am sure that we are getting a majority of the seats in the up-coming election” said Rapsang.


Rapsang asserted that there are no major issues now in the constituency but when he is re-elected his program and his objective is to convert West Shillong into a smart constituency.


He added that Rs. 5 crores has been sanctioned by the Shillong Smart City Project in West Shillong but most of the work was halted in the last two years due to the pandemic but as of now the work is in progress.


“As you have seen we have done beautification programs in the entire constituency, we have changed the normal light to LED Lights, the water system and other distribution has been improved in the entire constituency” he added.


He added his next program will be a pro people program and he will earmark his MLA scheme for the youths to come up with the Startup Skills and Rs. 50 lakhs will be put only for Youth entrepreneurship program as he wants the youths of the constituency to be entrepreneurs.


Rapsang asserted that allegations against the NPP led government will not have any impact on his candidature from West Shillong because these are mere allegations.


“If there are allegations, they should go to court and the court will take its own course of action, the law is there to take but they just shout but they could not prove it” said Rapsang.


When it comes to security during elections, Rapsang said that this year’s election will be a very peaceful election and West Shillong constituency is the first constituency where CCTV is being connected directly to the police station.

By Editor