‘NPP is a party with integrity’: Ampareen

NPP leader and East Shillong legislator Ampareen Lyngdoh on Thursday said the NPP is a party with integrity.


After being re-elected, Lyngdoh said “I owe this to the people of East Shillong and I will assure everyone that I will work very hard and I will try my best to make sure that I do justice to this win.”


With the NPP emerging as a single largest party, Lyngdoh said, “I am happy that I could also contribute one more seat to the NPP this election.”


She asserted, “We now have to work very hard to turn around the perception of the otherwise NPP that has been working hard. So we will have to make sure that we perform so that the people of the state of Meghalaya will know that the NPP is a very viable option in politics in the 21st century.”


When asked, the East Shillong legislator said as per readings, Conrad K Sangma has done so well in Garo Hills and it will be but correct that he should be one of the contenders for the chief minister’s seat.


“But politics is full of surprises one cannot predict even though I am a member of the legislative assembly recently now just elected but anything and everything is possible in politics,” he said.


On demand for a chief minister from Khasi and Jaintia Hills region, Lyngdoh said, “Who doesn’t have that ambition on behalf of the people of the state of Meghalaya but you need the numbers to make sure that your man is put in that chair. With the fragmented mandate of the Khasi-Jaintia Hills region, that (CM from Khasi region) is likely a very farfetched dream because we have just shown our divisions no one party in the Khasi Hills region would be able to stake claim to that chief ministerial seat.”


On the allegations of corruption made by political opponents against the NPP, Lyngdoh said, “I want to tell the people that the NPP is a party with integrity. NPP has credibility. The confusion that was created by our opponents trying to score brownies for themselves so the results have clearly indicated that a large section of the people of the state of Meghalaya have repose their faith in a larger number to the NPP in the state of Meghalaya. Now we just have to reverse this created image and we have to work hard to ensure that we deliver to the best possible extent good governance, fair governance and clean governance to the people of the state of Meghalaya.”

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