NPP led GHDC calls on Governor to stake claim to form new EC in GHADC 


Supported by three Independents and alone GNC MDC, Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma who is also the National People’s Party (NPP) National President on Saturday met Governor Satyapal Malik at Raj Bhavan to stake claim to form the new executive committee in the Garo Hills Autonomous District council.

After meeting the Governor, NPP Supremo Conrad Sangma said, “We have just met the honourable Governor along with 15 MDCs … The coalition comprises of 11 NPP MDCs, 3 independents, and 1 GNC MDC. “

Interestingly, the coalition comprises of 11 NPP MDCs, 3 independents, and 1 GNC MDC, however, no BJP MDCs were there today with this new coalition, although, BJP has hinted to stick to NPP all the hullabaloo over corruption.

The new ruling coalition in GHADC will be called Garo Hills Democratic Coalition (GHDC).

“We have also briefed the honourable Governor all the details about the new Coalition so the new coalition so the New coalition will be termed as Garo Hills Democratic Coalition (GHDC),” Sangma said.

It may be mentioned that the verdict of the Garo Hills Autonomous District Council (GHADC)’s election passed by the electorates of Garo Hills was more of a yellow card to the National People Party (NPP) as the party managed to clinch only 11 seats out of the 29. However, with the formation of the new GHDC coalition, the reign is set to be with NPP once again.

The Chairman of the new EC in GHADC will be Rakesh A Sangma, while CEM will be Benedict Marak and Deputy CEM Nikman Marak from GNC.

“We have also decided to come up with the common minimum programme those points are being worked out and entire details have already been made and we have arrived at a common minimum programme also we will be releasing it shortly,” the NPP chief said.

The election for Chairman will be held on Monday.