Admitting allegation of  distributing money to voters, Cabinet minister and Mawhati MLA Dasakhiatbha Lamare on Wednesday said he is ready to face the consequences of helping the people who are in need of his help.


Speaking to reporters, Lamare said, “I don’t know who had filed the complaint but if I have to face any consequences, I will do it with a smile on my face because I have been helping the people.”

A complaint filed against Lamare for allegedly distributing money to the people of Nongkrem constituency has been referred by the election department to the East Khasi Hills DC for examination and necessary action.


Lamare, who will be contesting from Nongkrem in 2023, however informed that he is yet to receive any communication from the district administration with regards to the case.


He said thousands of families have been able to prevent their landlords from throwing them out of the house because of his help.


“There are so many farmers who because of my help have been able to buy equipment for continuing their farming activities. There are so many families who have helped the children to continue with their education. Because of my help they are able to send that their kids to school which I think are a blessing,” he said.


Lamare also assured that he has no wrong intention by helping the people who are in need of his help.


“Just because I am a candidate and you blamed me that I am distributing money for the election that is wrong,” he defended while asking “The MDA government is distributing schemes so you are going to get them arrested for distributing schemes to the poor people, the farmers, the producer groups?”


Also stating that God has blessed his family in a very different way, Lamare said that he is only trying to share his blessings with those in need.


“My father is a businessman, my brothers are doing their own work in so many fields that we have been blessed with and what I’m trying to do is to share the blessings that I have got, that is what I am trying to do,” he said.


He further stated that people cannot just link his decision to help the people to the election just because he is going to contest from Nongkrem. 

By Editor