‘NPP National President Conrad K Sangma will lose his own seat’: Predicts AITC

AITC national general secretary Abhishek Banerjee on Wednesday that the National People’s Party (NPP) will draw a blank from Garo Hills and the NPP National President Conrad K Sangma will lose his own seat.


“I have categorically said that NPP will draw a blank from Garo Hills, which has 24 seats. Conrad Sangma is losing his own seat. Six months back, they said Trinamool Congress has no base here. But now, if you look at their speeches, tweets, and statements, you will see that their day begins and ends with attacks on TMC. This shows how bewildered and rattled they are,” Abhishek said while addressing a meeting at South Tura.


He said while crossing the offices of the district collectorate, treasury office, the DIG office, and Tura police station, he noticed that these stretches were covered in darkness. There was no streetlight on either side of the road


“If the Chief Minister cannot bring light to his own constituency, how can he bring development to the state?” he asked.


Stating that from hospitals to schools and colleges, everything is in shambles, Abhishek said, “Shillong Medical College exists only on paper. Tura medical college is also in the doldrums. Bengal has 23 medical colleges, of which 16 are government medical colleges and the remaining are private medical colleges. Bengal also has 23 districts. Shouldn’t Meghalaya have 12 colleges as against its 12 districts? But there isn’t even one medical college. This is the result of the double-engine government.”


Further, the AITC general secretary said no other part of the country saw an incident like the one that happened in Mukroh [in November]. Three months have passed since the Mukroh firing incident but there was no action against the officers who fired at innocent people. Were they called for investigation or arrested?


“Isn’t it the Chief Minister’s responsibility to act when innocent people are being fired upon? The CM should have resigned for failing to take any action,” he said.


Stating that Bengal also shares its border with Assam, Jharkhand, and Odisha the way Meghalaya shares its border with Assam, he said, “No one can dare to shoot at 5 people in Bengal because our CM’s name is Mamata Banerjee. They know that the CM here will not do anything so they attack innocents with impunity. The accused did not even receive a notice.”


“The Assam CM is from BJP which is also in power at the Centre. If Meghalaya CM would have sent a notice to Assam CM, the next day itself, Conrad Sangma would have received a notice from the ED. To save himself from ED-CBI and continue his illegal businesses, he is sacrificing his own people. Do we need such Chief Ministers here?” he said.


Asserting that Meghalaya need a CM who fights for you and risks his life for you, Abhishek said, “Why should Meghalaya bow down in front of Delhi and Assam? I don’t think Meghalaya is a part of Northeast, instead, it is a part of the East. Like the sun rises in the east, India’s development will begin in the East and in Meghalaya.”


He said there is no electricity, water, roads, or money in the hands of the people. Demonetisation and GST ruined the economy. We did want eradication of black money but not at the cost of people’s tears


In 2016, 150 people lost their lives by standing in the queue for money. Small businesses were destroyed, he said while reiterating that the BJP took an anti-people decision.


Meanwhile, the AITC leader said that all votes for the Twin Flowers are not just for Trinamool Congress but for the future of our youth and to strengthen the hands of Mamata Banerjee against BJP and NPP


He said that the youth don’t have jobs, hospitals don’t have doctors, universities don’t have professors, and the state does not even have roads.


He asked will Meghalaya choose its selfrespect or choose those who bow down in front of Delhi and Guwahati? Will Meghalaya choose a true leader or a shameless puppet? This is a choice that people have to make when they vote on February 27


Abhishek informed that Mamata Banerjee will be coming to Meghalaya again on February 22 and she has given her word that “we will leave no stone unturned to fight for Meghalaya’s development”.


“I promise that as soon as Trinamool forms government, within one month, the accused officers in the Mukroh firing will be arrested and no culprit will be spared. We have to fight this battle with the spirit of our jawans who fight for our Tricolour. The idea of Meghalaya will be taken to every corner of India,” he said.

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