NPP youth wing leader slams Congress over ILP, MRSSA.


Questioning the Leader of opposition Dr. Mukul Sangma for rejecting the recommendation for implementation of inner line permit (ILP) in the state by the Bindo M Lanong-led high-level committee in 2012, the National People’s Party (NPP) has slammed the opposition Congress for his present stand on ILP.

Addressing media persons on Friday, Nickey Nongkhlaw, national president of the National People’s Youth Front (NPYF), a youth wing of the NPP said, it is quite unfortunate that the leader of the opposition, Mukul Sangma has once again attacked the MDA government over the ILP issue.

“It seems as if Dr Mukul Sangma is unable to digest the fact that the current government is exceeding people’s expectations and is committed to work tirelessly for the well-being of the people of the state…Why is it that these confusions dwell only within Sangma’s head time and again? Seems like a case of an idle mind being a devil’s workshop,” he said.

Nongkhlaw also reminded that in fact Dr Mukul Sangma’s own government has voiced out his ignorant and careless attitude towards the ILP issue through the high-level committee (HLC) constituted by his government in 2012.

Stating that the HLC had collectively recommended ILP, he said, “The Congress outrightly rejected the recommendations and did nothing. Bindo Lanong, the then Deputy Chief Minister criticized the government over its inaction as well and stated that the constitution of the committee was a waste since Congress had refused to take action over it.”

“If Dr Sangma did not listen to a seasoned politician like Mr. Lanong, and to a committee appointed by his own self, how can we expect him to listen to the voice of the people? He merely knows how to distract the public’s attention by coming up with immaterial bills like the Meghalaya Regulation of Landlords and Verification of Tenants Bill that would have made the local people of Meghalaya minority within their own state,” he said.

Stating that it is the duty of the MDA government to be accountable to the people, Nongkhlaw reassures that the issues of ILP and Meghalaya Residents Safety and Security Act (MRSSA) are being pursued by the government with the leadership in Delhi at the highest level.

“In fact, the Governor of Meghalaya and the Chief Minister are in constant touch, and the Governor has assured us that he will take up these issues at his level with the ministry of home affairs, the government of India,” he said.

On Congress’ demand for implementation of the MRSSA in its original form, Nongkhlaw however said the public is more aware to recognize that the MRSSA had to go through a stage of redrafting to give it teeth and make it full proof, ensuring that none of the aspirations of the people of Meghalaya are left out.

“The revised MRSSA will put a check on the influx of illegal migrants in the state and will ensure that there is adequate protection of the indigenous communities in Meghalaya,” he said.

He further stated that the MRSSA in its current form is more robust and substantial unlike during the Congress regime where it was toothless and vague.

“The MRSSA passed by Dr. Mukul’s government was just an instrument to play with people’s emotions to earn petty vote banks. We’re all aware that it did not echo the needs, voice and protection issues concerning our people,” he said.

The NPYF national president also said that many have not forgotten the pro-ILP agitations that took place back in 2013 when the unspeakable number of innocent citizens were autocratically arrested by the government in just a matter of few months.

“Helpless people of the state had to bear the brunt of the situation under the dictatorial and totalitarian regime led by Dr. Mukul Sangma. Innocent people lost their lives, simply because the Congress had shut their eyes and ears to the voice of the public,” he said.

Nongkhlaw also alleged when the pro-ILP agitations were going on and Meghalaya was in a state of disarray, the leader of the opposition was busy enjoying foreign tours and later had the audacity of justifying it as a “learning trip”.