NPYF demands action against hatemongers


Demanding strong action against the hatemongers, the National People’s Youth Front (NPYF) on Saturday appealed to the State Government to look into the matter.

“We appeal to the public to be slow to conclude, we appeal to the concerned organisations to exercise wisdom, and we appeal to the government to take a tough stand against the hatemongers of and at different levels,” NPYF national working president, Nickey Nongkhlaw said in a statement.

Sending a message to the “agents” of communal hate, Nongkhlaw said, “We will not allow such baseless propaganda to sway the peace-loving people of Meghalaya, especially, at a time when the Puja festival is underway.”

He said the recent mounting of flex banners by the Khasi Students’ Union, in Shillong city and Ribhoi District, has invited criticism from various sections including from the Silchar-based Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha.

Nongkhlaw said this potential communal standoff is a matter of grave concern for the NPYF of the National People’s Party (NPP) relating to the state of Meghalaya.

“There are reasons to believe that the hatemongers from outside the state had used social media effectively to spread animosity among the sections of the gullible public, therefore, believed to have led to racial verbal slurs and even more emotional outbursts based on right-wing ideologies,” he stated.

On the FIR filed by Amitesh Chakraborty, President of the BJYM with the Assam Police on October 23, he said It is a matter of concern that such a series of complaints is packed again with communal overtones contributing to more tension at its best.

“In a democratic religious diversified country like India and in a relative peace-loving state like Meghalaya, such voices packed with communal venom are in themselves anti-national. They are loose-speeches crafted to leave historical facts behind. To us, such half-baked truths and exaggeration tantamount to manipulation of messages to intentionally multiply communal hate. With that we strongly discredit those voices of disruptions once and for all”, said Nongkhlaw.

He said while the loss of life is a sad reality, the NPP shares the pain of the family members and friends of those who have lost their lives in the recent communal clash at Ichamati or anywhere anytime throughout Meghalaya’s history.

He said with a similar tone, and if NPYF were to subscribe to the values of the hill people of Meghalaya, human life of any kind is precious. For ages, Shillong and Meghalaya have had the honour and the heart to embrace all communities and ethnic groups.

“In a small cosmopolitan habitat, the people sans politics have learned to accommodate true friendship amidst tensions and they have learned the grace of living together based on mutual respect. We wonder why the outside world doesn’t talk about much bigger realities”, said Nongkhlaw.