NPYF presents U Kiang Nangbah achievement award 2020.


To commemorate the 158th Death Anniversary of legendary freedom fighter U Kiang Nangbah, the National People’s Youth Front (NPYF) on Wednesday organized the ‘U Kiang Nangbah Achievement Award’ to felicitate three prominent citizens and a Society at Jowai on 30th December 2020.
Jowai MLA Wailadmiki Shylla attended the event as the Chief Guest in the presence of Thombor Shiwat, CEM JHADC, Nickey Nongkhlaw, National Working President, NPYF, Bright Star Chyrmang, MDC Jowai North and Octomewot Lamin, nominated MDC of JHADC, parties worker and other dignitaries.
The purpose of these awards is to give due recognition and support to the people of eminence, whose call to serve their fellow human beings and society at large is not only commendable but is inspirational.
The awardees are:
1. Socio-Cultural Award to Kiang Nangbah Iasiat Khnam Memorial Society for their outstanding Social Service and dedication.
2. Award on Fine Arts to Shri. Wanhi- I Challam for his dedication and contribution to Art & Culture in the State.
3. Award on Sports & Youth Affairs to Shri. Hame Shaniah Suiam for the numerous international achievements in kickboxing and his contribution to the Sport in the State.
4. Award on Sports & Youth Affairs to Shri. Dauniwanchwa Phawa for his dedication and contribution to the Sport’s scenario in the State.
With an intention to encourage the awardees to be better social catalysts in their respective areas, the NPYF honoured the four achievers with these awards
Chief Guest Wailadmiki Shylla in his speech narrated how U Kiang Nangbah, being born to a poor family in Tpeppale with no royal background became a great leader in resisting the tyranny of the Britishers and reminded the attendees that U woh Kiang Nangbah’s prophecy came true as he was hanging from the noose, he shouted that if on his last breath his head turns towards the east, the Jaintia Kingdom shall regain its independence within a span of hundred years which indeed it did. He congratulated the awardees and encouraged them to strive for many more achievements.
Thombor Shiwat mentioned in his speech that it was because of our own people that U Kiang Nangbah was arrested and he was hanged. He encouraged the attendees that we should do away with all the malice, jealousy and instead help each other to grow, be determined and have our own stand. He also stated that NPP as a Party thrives to bring economic growth to the people and the State as a whole.
One of the awardees, Hameshaniah Suiam said that in a time where people tend to forget the hard work and contribution of the few, he is honored and encouraged that NPYF gave him this award. Such sincere appreciation in the name of great leaders of old will help people like ourselves to continue to do what we do.

U Kiang Nangbah Achievement Award is part of NPYF’s goodwill efforts this year after u Tirot Sing and Pa Togan Sangma Achievement Awards were well received by the awardees and the public. NPYF plans to make this an annual affair to honour social contributors and achievers.