NSUI demands 25 per cent concession in school and college fees.


The National Students’ Union of India (NSUI) Meghalaya State Unit has demanded the state government to take a call on its demand for a 25 per cent concession in school and college fees.

Addressing media persons on Friday, NSUI state president Bansharailang Pyngrope said, “We will continue our demand for 25% concession because we have seen and felt the effect of the lockdown.”

“The lockdown imposed was no doubt necessary but the collateral damage has been felt by almost all households. There is simply no money in the hands of the public,” he added.

Pyngrope said the Union had on May 12 appealed to the Education Minister Lahkmen Rymbui on the matter for necessary decision.

He however said that Rymbui was too busy fighting COVID to reply or act upon the appeal adding “So we again wrote to him on June 28…but it has been more than a week and we are yet to see any action on the matter.”

Asked, Pyngrope said Meghalaya already ranks amongst the states with the highest dropout rate in the country. “The national average is 6% and the drop-out rate in our state is 18% at primary level,” he said.

“Therefore, such initiatives by the government will act as a motivating force for students to continue with their education,” he further added.

Meanwhile, the NSUI also demanded the North Eastern Hill University (NEHU) not to charge examination fees since all exams are being held online now.