Opposition Congress is all set to corner state government on corruption and illegalities in upcoming autumn session.

​The upcoming Assembly session is expected to be a stormy one. Although it will be of short duration, the opposition parties are gearing up to utilize the time provided by the business Advisory committee in a better way.
 The opposition Congress is all set to corner the NPP-led state government on corruption and illegalities in the upcoming autumn session of the state Assembly, which will commence from November 5.

 Speaking to reporters after a CLP meeting held on Friday, Leader of Opposition, Mukul Sangma said the breakdown of the government machinery in responding to the call of duty in sync with the mandate of the law is a matter of concern.

 “So many illegalities are happening and the illegalities are happening because the official machineries are being pressurized to engage in irregularities that are the inputs we have got. We will verify and find out and appropriately place them before the people of the state both inside and outside the ​House,” he said.

 The former chief minister said issues related to the problems along the inter-state border with Assam, the concern of the citizens pertaining to the delay in completing the entry-exit points or implementation of the Meghalaya Residents, Safety and Security Act – all have been discussed and will be taken up in the upcoming session of the Assembly.

 He further informed that various important issues will also be raised by the party whether the question of not responding on time to deal with problems related to the victims of natural calamity or the manner in which the whole COVID-19 pandemic has been handled.

 “We will find out as we can’t be silent,” Mukul said while assuring that the Congress will effectively utilize the time given as per the proposed calendar for the session, which is for a very short duration of only five days. ​