Over 60 dorbar shnongs of greater Shillong- MLAs, MDCs attends consultative meeting on anti-drugs initiatives

SHILLONG, JUNE 7:  The state Government has decided to revisit the various Anti Drugs laws that were last framed in 2008. In a consultative meeting which was chaired by  Social welfare minister Paul Lyngdoh and attended by over 60 dorbar shnongs of greater Shillong it was decided that a timeline of 3 weeks to a month with be given to the dorbars to submit the various proposals for the amendment of the rules.


Talking to Mediaperson, the Social Welfare Minister said, once those amendments are agreed upon, the various dorbar shnongs will start organising the Village Defence Parties (VDPs), which will assist the home police and also the government in combating the drug menace at the locality and grassroot level.


“To begin with we have to start by revisiting the various rules that were last framed in 2008, so it has been a long time gap and we would certainly need to update those rules in view of growing and changing challenges. So we have clearly taken the inputs from the dorbars and indicated a timeline of 3 weeks to a month within which they will submit the various proposals for the amendment of the rules,” Paul Lyngdoh said.


Asked, the minister said, “We will be revisiting those rules. We will ensure these VDPs become the foot soldiers of the law enforcing agencies and together they will assist us in identifying especially in hotspots potential drug traffickers and with their support, we should be able to eradicate the menace from Meghalaya.”


The Minister on Friday chaired a consultative meeting on anti-drugs initiatives and constitution of the VDPs with the Members of Legislative Assembly (MLAs) and Members of District Councils (MDCs) and the dorbar shnongs of the greater Shillong area at State Convention Centre, Shillong.


Addressing media persons, Lyngdoh said, “The first initiative that the various stakeholders have agreed upon is the reconstitution of VDP, which has been active in combating crimes especially in rural areas but in the context of controlling drugs menace and the spread of narcotic, today we have decided that various dorbar shnongs would prepared themselves to constitute these VDPs.”


“We will be receiving suggestions from the dorbar shnongs and we will then familiarise them with the basic amenities, facilities and training that is required. We will also familiarise them with the basic rules that govern the function of VDPs and also the laws of the land that govern the control and reduction of drugs and narcotics,” he added.


He said that the whole purpose of the meeting is to have enough manpower starting from the locality level to assist the police in trying to combat against the drug menace and that will happen only with support of the community.


“I have been advocating a community oriented approach and today the participation of so many dorbar shnongs is proof that they have faith in what we are trying to achieve and I am very happy with the outcome of the meeting,” Lyngdoh stated.


The minister informed that it was also decided that copies of the latest laws and rules like the PITNDPS will be circulated to the dorbar shnongs for their views, opinions and suggestions on improving those rules.


“We have also decided that elected representatives, MLAs and MDCsof entire state beginning with this exercise which we started today will be covered and consultation process because we would like the convergence mode to ensure the success of the DREAM project,” he added.


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