Oxygen problem in city hospital; Hek takes stock of situation


With a surge in COVID 19 cases in the state, some of the hospitals are facing an oxygen shortage, Nazareth hospital is one such hospital which needs to refill oxygen tanks in every 38 hours, however according to the hospital management on Saturday the hospital faced an oxygen problem.

Nazareth hospital  administrative incharge sister Noreen said the hospital on Saturday had faced problems due to shortage of oxygen which was later on met by Meghalaya health department.

“We are really facing oxygen problem because the supply of the oxygen has to come from Guwahati and Yesterday (Saturday) we had a real crisis and Dr. Aman War helped us for the time being for the crisis and now we are facing real problem, oxygen has to come from Guwahati  and from other places we are arranging the oxygen.,” Sister Noreen said.

She further added, “…With the present scenario every 38 hours we have to fill the oxygen tank ….we have C category 35 patients and D category 16 patients  which means Critical 16 and serious 35.”

Meanwhile, on Saturday the health officials along with Health Minister AL Hek visited Nazareth hospital in Shillong to take stock of the situation.

Talking to reporters, Hek said, the Government has ensured that the hospitals get all the cooperation from the Government.

After the inspection, Health Minister AL Hek said, “The Government has taken decision today that anything  like shortfall of the oxygen , it will be supplemented from the Government so Dr Aman War DHS (MI) is already given responsibility to ensure that any other private hospital or public will provide supplement from the Government only.”

“We came to visit this Nazareth hospital to ensure to give all the cooperation from the government, suppose if there is shortage of oxygen  or any manpower then the Government will also help them in every way possible,” the Health Minister added.